Minor Patch

October 21st, 2010 by Steven S. -- Product Design

Today I’m releasing a patch that addresses the following:

  • Fixes image-related issues affecting some new Grupthink-powered sites.
  • Upgraded Jquery and JqueryUI

*Update* Done!

Update Today to 4.1

October 6th, 2010 by Steven S. -- Product Design

Today’s update brings the most significant change to our ballot behavior in a couple years and improves the layout of the topic and answer pages substantially. Here are the changes:

  • Major ballot upgrade
    • Ballot now dynamically slides in and out as you vote
    • Ballot becomes scrollable with more than 10 answers in it
    • Ballot automatically scrolls (if needed) as you drag your votes up and down
    • Other effects added to make the ballot more intuitive and usable
  • Veteran achievement fix #4 -The saga continues. Visiting your profile page should award you the correct level of cake for your Grupthink “age”
  • Fixed “phantom vote” problem where seemingly random points would get added to answers after unvoting
  • Improved “Author’s Pick/Best Answer” system. There is now a more prominent option to enable “Best Answer” functionality as you create a topic.
  • Improved “Best Answer” display
  • Other bug fixes and minor improvements

Downtime will commence at 11pm Mountain/1pm Eastern and should only last about 20 minutes.


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Minor Patch

September 20th, 2010 by Steven S. -- Product Design

Tonight I updated Grupthink to address the following:

- Fixes Veteran achievement not updating properly.
- Updates to link color and style throughout site.
- Improved main topic “feed” tab area.
- Other minor updates.

Ballot drag & drop improved

September 3rd, 2010 by Steven S. -- Product Design

We just released an enhancement which improves the ballot functionality. For topics where your ballot extends beyond the window, your browser will now scroll automatically as you approach the edge of the screen. We also included some optimizations to the Javascript in this update.

Grupthink 4.0.3 Patch

August 25th, 2010 by Steven S. -- Product Design

Included in this patch:

  • Deleted topics no longer appear in normal topic lists
  • Added captcha to registration process to prevent bot spam (sorry!)
  • Admins: Added ability to view “deleted topics” lists
  • Admins: Added “NOARCHIVE” meta tag to private communities

Known issues: The “Veteran” achievement was not being updated upon Facebook Connect logins. This patch may fix that issue.

Grupthink 4.0 Release Notes

August 18th, 2010 by Steven S. -- Product Design

Grupthink 4.0 brings some features requested by our clients, as well as many other significant improvements to the core Grupthink experience. Here are some notable changes:

  • Achievements: Get medals for doing stuff! See your profile page or vist http://grupthink.com/achievements.php5
  • Better tag browsing: Instantly filter topic lists by tag with the new tag buttons
  • Vastly improved group pages
  • Improved image upload form
  • Faster "one step" topic creation
  • One-click time travel: Quickly view 30-day or 365-day topic views
  • Better crumb trail navigation throughout site
  • Improved form design throughout site
  • New YouTube video buttons show videos instantly in answers that contain Youtube links
  • Optimizations and other updates to make the site faster
  • Streamlined header design
  • Improved Grupie point notifications
  • Many more minor fixes and visual enhancements

Grupthink Admins:

  • Batch answer management (Edit Topic > Advanced > "Manage Answers" button)
  • Batch topic management (click "Manage topics" in Group page header)
  • Topic-specific area for custom ads/scripts
  • Fixed incorrect "ballot position" values in exported voting reports
  • "Overall Results" view for groups (beta) shows top 3 winners for each topic in the group
  • Add custom profile fields to profile edit form
  • Customizable "required fields" for new registrants
  • Fixed topic results segmenting by age/gender
  • Other minor fixes and improvements.

As always, let us know if you find bugs by clicking the "Report" link at the bottom of Grupthink.com. Thanks!

Grupthink 4.0 Update Commencing

August 18th, 2010 by Steven S. -- Product Design

Stay tuned for release notes! Apologies for the downtime as we perform the upgrade.

Community Guidelines Posted for Grupthink.com

May 26th, 2010 by Steven S. -- Product Design

Yes there is life here! We’re working on some nice new features requested by our clients, plus some great enhancements for all members. In the meantime, I wanted to let you know I have posted community guidelines for Grupthink.com at http://grupthink.com/pages/2.

For the first two years of Grupthink, we wanted to be purely “member moderated”. The rating features we built have worked well for many things, but there are often cases where certain content (especially spam and member abuse) needs to be dealt with promptly by a moderator or admin.

Today we posted some community guidelines which illustrate the kind of discourse we want to encourage. Also, to comply with policies of our partners, we list types of content which are not allowed in public Grupthink.com discussion, such as pornography and content promoting racial intolerance. A few topics which fell under those labels have been either deactivated or made private.

Grupthink updated to v3.6

March 3rd, 2010 by Steven S. -- Product Design

Most of our time last month was spent working on a new optional “slide” layout for topics. Some of our clients, including us, like to pose topics related to imagery, such as photo contests. The normal Grupthink layout works, but can be a little tedious when all you really want to see are the answer thumbnails. So, the new option is being released today on an experimental basis, and currently can only be set by admins. Eventually this option will be accessible to regular users. In the meantime, expect to see a few slide show topics start to pop up!

  • Enhanced Youtube linking:
    • Youtube links in topic descriptions now get automatically converted to showing the embedded YouTube video when viewing the topic
    • Youtube links in answer descriptions on topic pages can now be expanded to enable watching the video without having to visit the answer page
    • Youtube links in comments can be expanded to display the video
  • Fixed “delete” link not showing for comments on your profile page
  • Numerous minor bug fixes and enhancements

For Grupthink Admins

  • New: “Media” option to turn topics into slide-show style layout, suitable for photo contests or other topics where the “answers” are pictures. Currently, this option can only be managed by admins and moderators. Just edit a topic, go to advanced settings, and choose “Topic Type: Media”.
  • New: Demographic charts showing age/gender breakdowns on answer pages
  • New: Add a custom terms of service for your Grupthink-powered site

New Update to v3.5.4

January 14th, 2010 by Steven S. -- Product Design

Today we applied an update with the following improvements:

  • New options on main members page allows you to see leaders over the past year, month, and day, in addition to the all-time leaders.
  • Added visual graphs on the main members page help indicate scores
  • Fixed a bug the caused the topic embed method “1″ (html syndication) to not work in Firefox. If you are experiencing this issue, copy/paste the embed code for that topic again.
  • Numerous bug fixes and minor enhancements

Grupthink Admins

  • New “Member activity” charts in Admin > Reports > Site Activity
  • Styling: Added “extra images” options. This allows you to upload arbitrary images for use anywhere in the site.