Update: Q&A Topic Type and More Feed Improvements

Thursday, November 4th, 2010 by Steven S. -- Product Design

Grupthink has always been a great format to have group discussion or brainstorms about lists of things (opinions, ideas, complaints etc…). Though Grupthink resembles Q&A sites that have launched after we did way back in 2006 (eg, Yahoo Answers, Stack Overflow), Grupthink has always been more about questions that have lots of right answers rather than questions that ask for one “best” answer.

Until recently, we had little interest in accommodating “Q&A” function. Then, this year a couple of our clients said they wanted to host those kinds of questions in their communities in addition to the normal Grupthink-style ones. So, this update brings an improved option for topic authors to put their topic a “Q&A” mode. (Some of you may notice that this feature is a reinvention of ther “Author’s Pick” option we introduce a couple years ago.)

The most noticeable changes for Q&A topics include:

  • Answers in Q&A topics don’t have “titles”
  • The full answer and author “by” line is displayed on the topic page
  • The answer that gets the top vote from the topic author will be highlighted as the “Best” answer

Updates in this release:

  • Added Q&A topic mode and option
  • Improved Topic List Feeds:
    • Group topics mention which group they are in
    • Private and “Panel” group topics get labeled as such
    • Q&A get labeled as such
    • Improvements to layout and behavior
  • Fixed bug that would remove the topic image when the topic was edited
  • Other minor enhancements

So, if you need advice or a solution to a problem, feel free to post a Q*A topic at grupthink.com and we’ll try this thing out! We have a number of other things we want to do to improve the feature, so it would be great to get your feedback in the meantime.

Finally, please let us know if you find any bugs at our new Bugs topic!

Expected downtime: 30 minutes Done!

- Steven

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