Grupthink 1.1 Progress

Monday, May 1st, 2006 by Steven S. -- Product Design

We are 3 weeks away from our next release, on May 19. It will include the addition of our most in-demand feature: “Edit my Topics and Aswers”!

A lot of people complained about not being able to fix typos and add photos to their submissions once they were added. Soon, you’ll be able to “add it now and fix it later”. You’ll also be able to fix any posts you made in previous releases. This should really make the topic/answer submission a stress-free activity. It will also allow topics and answers to be kept up-to-date with fresh photos and descriptions.

Confirmed updates in 1.1 (other updates pending):

  • Edit topics and answers after they are posted
  • Comment on answers (in addition to the topic comments)
  • “Today’s top questions”
  • Adult content filter (set in preferences)
  • Friends!
  • “Notify me” when answers are added to topics
  • Quick social bookmark links
  • Grupie photos shown next to comments
  • Browser “back” button works elegantly in more places
  • Lots of layout, UI enhancements.
  • Other updates pending

Important Fixes:

  • RSS feeds will work properly (they are currently broken, for the most part)
  • Lots of small fixes

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